When Should I Conduct an Online CRB Check?

One often puzzling question that you might naturally have when interacting with someone new is: when should I conduct an online CRB check? A CRB check is a criminal record and background check similar to what major corporations require when hiring on a new team member. But, with modern technology, and because of the ever increasingly dangerous world we are living in, CRB checks can now be done by just about anyone on just about anyone. There are a number of online tools that now make criminal record checks simple to conduct with just some basic information from the person you are aiming to learn about.

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But, even though background checks are so easy to conduct nowadays, most of us are unsure of the types of situations that warrant conducting an online search of this magnitude. If you have puzzled this yourself, then you are certainly not alone. Take a look at some of the situations in which an online CRB check would be appropriate:

  • When hiring a home improvement specialist – You need to know who you are entrusting your home to, especially if you cannot be in your home when repairs are conducted.
  • When hiring a nanny, babysitter or caregiver – Entrusting your loved ones to anyone can be difficult, so make sure the person you leave them with is who they say they are.
  • When going into business with someone – You need to know all you can about your business partner, as your livelihood could depend on their honesty.
  • When hiring someone to work within your business – If you have a business and are hiring new team members, don’t want to have just anyone representing you.
  • When dating someone new (who potentially seems like they have something to hide) – As sweet as they may appear on the outside, your new girlfriend or boyfriend may not be all they say they are. You don’t want to put yourself in a risky situation that you don’t have to be in.

While these are just a few of the instances in which a criminal check could prove lucrative, one of the best things about the ability to conduct a criminal check is that you can do it simply when your instincts tell you to. It can be difficult to determine who to trust in any type of situation anymore, so consider an online CRB check as a handy tool you can always have at your disposal.

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